"Hey John -  I just spent 2 hrs playing.  The difference is stunning - much more in tune, MUCH more responsive - it sounds and feels fantastic.  I know you said the voicing didn't turn out ideally, but I notice a significant difference, especially in the mid range (seems more full and "sings" more), and upper range (more brilliant).  I am extremely pleased.  It's like a new piano!  I would also like you to take care of tuning and maintenance in the future."
C.M., Dunn Loring, VA | Steinway Model D: action regulation, hammers filed, tuned and voiced

"...the pianist loves the work done on the piano. He says each note sounds clear and distinct, and that it is a pleasure to play it. Please share the feedback with Rick, John and Rebecca and thank them all for their hard (and expedited!) work on it."
M.N., Washington, DC | Steinway Model D: action restoration

"Thank you so much. The piano is so beautiful. I love what you did. It has never sounded so great! Thank you!"
S.W., Annapolis, MD | Steinway Model L: action regulation

"John, the piano looks and sounds amazing. Thanks for your professionalism and great work, and I'll keep in touch about future tunings."
M.Y., Arlington, VA | Steinway Model M: new pin block and new action

"Hi John - The piano is much better! Thank you for all your hard work! I have been enjoying playing it. Hopefully I will spend more time practicing!"
R.W, Damascus, VA | Steinway Model L: action regulation, hammers filed and new damper felt

"...the voicing is wonderful!"
C.J., Silver Spring, MD | Steinway Model A: action regulation, tuning and voicing

"The piano plays beautifully! Exactly what I had in mind! Thank you so much for bringing out the sound quality I was dreaming of!"
A.G., Washington, DC | Yamaha Grand: action regulation, tuning and voicing