Butler Steinway S

This is a small Hamburg Steinway S that I acquired from an estate sale. This turned in to a really nice project for me. It was a restoration project that my wife and I completed together. We sold it to our local Steinway Gallery.

Heurich House Museum

This is a Steinway Model C that was partially restored for a Museum in Washington DC. Given it's 100+ year history, the curators of the museum wanted to keep the piano in it's original condition as much as was feasibly possible. Therefore, we repaired the cracked soundboard, and simply washed it, along with the cast iron plate. We installed a new pinblock and strings in the piano. We worked with the original action and made it function as well as we possibly could given it's age. 

Kurtzmann Grand Piano

This is a piano that we restored for one of our customers. As you can see from the pictures, it was a piano that was in desperate need of some love and affection. We installed a brand new soundboard, new bridges, new pin block and strings, along with new hammers, shanks & flanges. The customer was thrilled when he came to the shop to see and hear the finished product. He was very pleased!